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Types of the Unit Available Price
Price Range M2 Unit
1300.00 -1350.000 190 3+1
1400.000-1450.000 225 4+1

About project:

Olimpa, rising alongside Olimpa Shopping Mall, one of the first shopping centers of Başakşehir, is the second stage of the Olimpa Park project. The project, which is designed as two blocks, consists of 124 houses. The apartments are 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 type. 3 + 1 apartments in Olimpa Park Plus are designed to be 134.5 to 137.5 square meters gross, 102.5 to 106 square meters on net, 4 + 1 apartments on gross 194 to 195 square meters and net on 149 to 150.5 square meters.
The work of Fuzul Group, which adds value to Başakşehir region with its projects, continues rapidly. Olimpa Park next to the rising stage of the new stage of Olimpa Park project went on sale. The two-block new stage was called Olimpa Park Plus. Olimpa Park, the first stage of the project, received great interest. The Olimpa Park Plus project, which has a large park, primary school and mosque, is very rich. Fuzul Group in the same region in the project of the City Neriva 3 + 1 apartments rent rents from 1.500 TL starts. Olimpa Park Plus predicts higher rental income

Project Features:
Site Features:

  • Standard Feature Children's play areas
  • Luxury Feature Sauna
  • Luxury Turkish bath
  • Luxury Feature Fitness center
  • Luxury Property Shopping Center
  • Standard Feature Café
  • Standard Feature Restaurant
  • Luxury Feature Cinema
  • Standard Feature Security
  • Standard Feature Security with camera
  • Luxury Parking
  • Building Features
  • Standard Feature Water Tank
  • Standard Feature Booster
  • Standard Feature Generator
  • Standard Feature Fire ladder
  • Standard Feature Elevator
  • Standard Feature Sprinkler system
  • Housing Features
  • Luxury Property Built-in white goods
  • Standard Feature Central heating
  • Standard Feature Heat share meter
  • Luxury Feature Parents bathroom
  • Luxury Feature Parental dressing room
  • Standard Property Balcony
  • Construction Techniques
  • Standard Feature Building inspection made
  • Standard Feature Ground survey
  • Standard Specification Suitable for earthquake regulations
  • Standard Feature