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RT International was established in 2016 to provide its services in the field of integrated real estate investment in Turkey. Transformed by making a special place in the Turkish market, taking into account the policy of directing investors towards opportunities that would be profitable for them.

With regard to the construction projects in Turkey, the work and guidance will be concentrated only on projects ready for delivery or to be delivered within a year only.

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Follow up the property and its accounts with the management of the complex throughout the year.

Follow-up of the real estate receivables with the tenants and management of the complex during the period of the lease

Representation of owners in periodic meetings of the management of the complex and real estate developer.

Payment of monthly property dues to the complexes and their follow-up

Payment of secondary taxes on real estate Follow-up of real estate issues in the competent government departments.

Termination of the transaction of the property deed with the competent departments and follow-up with the real estate developers.

Electricity, water, gas and internet subscriptions

Regular maintenance of property and attention to its routine problems.

Renting the property and follow up the rent of the property over the duration of the rent. And follow-up renter and real estate.

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