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Number of tourists in Turkey The number of tourists in August 2017 rose from 3.18 million to 4.66 million compared to the same month last year, the highest increase since 2004, and the first eight months of 2017 show a rise in the number of tourists by 26.4% 21.98 million [1] Touristic times in Turkey Turkey can be visited all year round based on the visitor's concerns. The most frequent visits are in April, May, September, and October, due to climate climates
As summer approaches Turkey is a resort of beauty, nature and history, a major choice for many Arab tourists, but how much will it cost you to travel to Turkey? This is a question that everyone asks when planning a country visit for the first time. Here we will try to summarize the most important tips that should be taken care of, to spend an integrated tourist trip, to suit your budget.

First of all, I know that choosing the time you travel from the year makes a difference in the budget, especially in the item of accommodation expenses, as well as in the internal flight in Turkey, you can always - for example - stay away from the days of the weekly holidays or public holidays, The most popular tourist season in Turkey is from July to September, and many hotels are raising their prices during these months.
Travel in April, May and October is ideal, and you will have a greater chance of finding many special offers. We recommend booking hotels electronically, using different search engines, and comparing prices to get the best price.
Searching for a good price ticket needs to be planned in advance. If you know your destination and the time you travel well, and there is no possibility of changing it, we advise you to book your ticket as early as possible.
If you plan to stay in one place for two weeks or more, it is good to consider renting a self-catering apartment to minimize the cost of a Turkish trip.
The location of the hotel, or the area where it is located, is worthwhile. For example, if the hotel is located in a tourist area, close to a shopping center, or a shrine, all of these factors cause high prices for accommodation.
The price of hotels in the Black Sea and South-Eastern Turkey is high for hotels in other places, such as the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean coasts and Istanbul. The level of service and luxury is one Almost, but the difference is that these latter areas are characterized by an abundance of hotels, making them low prices


Many believe fuel prices are low in Turkey, but the truth is that they have gone up in the past few years, so avoid renting a car to be your vehicle in the country or between cities. If it's the usual way for all your travels, Fuel-saving diesel cars.
And avoid riding back, it is the means of transportation of the rich in Turkey, so do not resort to riding laxity only in cases of necessity. The transportation and communication within the Turkish tourist cities is easy and available all the time, from buses, trains and underground underground and above. If you arrive in Turkey, you will have to cut a transport ticket at a cheap price, no matter how far inside the city itself.
As you travel and travel between Turkish cities, we recommend that you follow the promotions offered by domestic airlines, which are low cost, compare the prices of flights to choose the most appropriate, and the best Turkish domestic airlines are: Pegasus Air, Onor Air, Atlas Jet Flight and Sun Express.
On the other hand, there are government buses connecting many Turkish cities to each other. They offer quality services, low prices, comfortable seats, a television screen, some food and soft drinks, and stop at specific points of rest. By city !.
In order to reduce the expenses of the food and drink, you must stay away from these tourist restaurants, which are mostly in high tourist destinations, where the rent is very high, and the restaurant compensates by providing menus high prices, instead of looking for local Turkish restaurants, and restaurants Simple, traditional Turkish dishes, including meat, vegetables and various salads, at reasonable prices. You can order 3 meals for 30 liras or less.
Turkey is also famous for its popular dishes available in all cities, which are characterized by its price and taste, and the most famous of these dishes, Iskander Kebab, and paste meat, and Chefta, Kokorich, "Donner" or Turkish shawarma, and Burik named different types.
The prices of admission to the most famous tourist places in Istanbul are as follows: Top Capi Palace 20 LP per person, Hagia Sophia Museum and Museum 20 LL per person, Dolma Pasha Palace 20 LL per person, Alcambra at Dolma Pasha Palace 6 LL, Mena Turk 10 LBP, Blue Mosque) is free, and the Hawthorn in Buick Island is a short journey of 40 lira, and the long journey is 50 lira, and the vehicle has four people and more.
Try the dear tourist to reduce your load of bags, and to avoid buying anything from Turkey, but less than the load, so as not to calculate the weight of the load plus the aircraft, and the heavy weight confers on you as well as the trouble, and may cost you more money by the airlines, On a round trip

What are the most beautiful and famous tourist areas in Turkey?
1 Istanbul

Istanbul, a city with visitors to the West and East, is a link between Asia and Europe. Istanbul has invaluable tourist treasures, making it the most popular tourist destination for travelers. Istanbul, in the building of Hagia Sophia, which is incorporated from church to mosque to museum, to cut down the drawings and paintings of Christian dazzling with the prestige of Islamic minarets and a bouquet of art that deserves to be a museum intended to distill and Aldani, to become one of the most beautiful architectural artifacts in the East.
We recommend that you stay in a hotel in the Sultanahmet area for a fun afterlife. This neighborhood, which is described as the heart of Istanbul's vibrant city, features dozens of hotels, shops, restaurants and delicious Turkish shawarma shops, and takes you through its narrow alleyways, You can walk on foot to the Galata Bridge or the majestic Blue Mosque with its elegant nightly minarets, or you can book a hotel near the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Market for a shopping trip filled with vendors' voices and the hustle of price hikes, or the Top Capi Palace overlooking The Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara, which was the center of the rule of the Ottoman sultans for hundreds of years, to the Palace of Dolma Bahja, which is said to be the most luxurious and the most expensive palaces in the world, and a simple cost does not exceed 40 Turkish liras you can dive in the world of luxury and gold and chandeliers luxury and decorations decorated in my sections Haramlik and Salamli

2 Antalya

Antalya is one of the most famous places in the world of travel and tourism. It is ranked third after Paris and London as one of the most popular destinations visited by millions annually. Entertainment and hotels in Antalya are characterized by outdoor nature as well as markets and museums. The magnificent Roman history and monuments and ancient mosques with a magnificent view of the marina and the sea, most notably the prestigious Hadrian Gate, as well as dozens of shops selling handicrafts and cafes with balconies overlooking the harbor.
The ruins of Tremysus are located half an hour away from the city of Antalya, one of Turkey's most ancient ancient cities. It is mentioned in the Iliad and Odessa. At a price of 5 Turkish lira, one can tour the ruins and the scenery overlooking the majestic Taurus Mountains. Dunden Falls are the most beautiful natural attractions in Antalya. It can be visited by boat from the harbor, surrounded by a beautiful large garden and a convenient pier to take pictures of waterfalls from several sides.

3 The balloon flight over Cappadocia in Goreme

The area of Goreme or Goreme is also known as the Cappadocia Valley in the center of Turkey. It is a favorite place for tourists and is surrounded by magic, beauty and mystery. Tourism is different from Istanbul and Antalya. There are no luxury hotels and beautiful beaches. Goreme National Park is one of the most important tourist areas in this area. A trip to the natural reserve can be made at a cost of 20 lira and a tour for several hours. Camping and spending nights in the wonderful valleys , Include Tour exploring the Valley of Love, Wadi Hamam and Wadi Roses, and hearths goblins that locals believed to be the jinn and goblins housing.
The park, in its shapes and rocky sculptures, makes it ideal for taking rare photographs, and 8 km from the city of Goreme is the open museum, which houses a number of rock-cut houses and churches, where Christians used to practice their worship away from oppression and oppression. The so-called "Dark Church", which includes carvings and wall paintings, is very impressive, and the dim light penetrates it for more tranquility and tranquility, and do not forget after this round of wonders to take a trip on the balloon to see the Cappadocia Valley and the National Park landmarks. A few minutes before sunrise and each group about 13 people at a cost of 130 euros, it is an opportunity to observe the sunrise or sunset if Vataatkm morning flight, equipped Kamaratkm to pick up the coolest scenes where rocks and embrace the desert with the golden color of the sun in a celestial journey

4 Izmir

Izmir is located on the west coast of Turkey, one of the most important and largest cities in the country. It is characterized by its features, hotels and busy living markets. The Corniche area is the largest center for family gatherings for hiking and recreation. The Corniche is 4 km away and is surrounded by restaurants, cafes and hotels. The charming view of the sea, featuring a special road for bicycles and pedestrians, is ideal in the pleasant summer evenings. The city's sanque district is famous for its luxury hotels and distinctive markets, especially the shops for brides and weddings. The old bazaar, S "Kimeralta" which includes dozens of shops selling jewelry and accessories and vegetable markets, fish, spices and handicrafts, and dotted with dozens of restaurants that spread of the smell of delicious Turkish kebab.
Located close to the bazaar, the 16th-century Hessar Mosque, Izmir's largest mosque, represents a break from the bustle of markets, the hustle of the city and the heat of the summer, while the Asansor district is famous for its historic 1907 elevator, Towards the top of the neighborhood, spread on top of a group of cafes Market.
If you want to eat a Turkish breakfast, head to the Ottoman village of Komali Kisek, 15 minutes from Bursa. The buildings are back in the 19th century. The restaurants in these simple buildings offer a royal breakfast of exclusive Turkish cuisine at a cost of 15 liras per

5 بورصة

person. Bursa is a cable car ride to the Uludag National Park, a snow-capped park in the winter, attracting skiers, while in the spring and summer it turns into a green oasis for sunbathing and seating. The park is about 35 km from Bursa A can Access to it by bus or cable car at a cost of 30 pounds, and spreads over the mountain number of Bursa hotels as well as with panoramic picturesque restaurants.

6 Fathia

Fethiye is about 200 km west of Antalya. The area has become a popular tourist destination with many of the most famous and rich people in the world. It is a favorite of European tourists in particular. The region consists of a group of picturesque small islands and tranquil bays covered by green, The ancient city of Fethiye is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, with its covered markets, vegetable and fruit markets and cafes, which are elegantly lined with trees and roses.
The ancient city of Tlos is about 30 km away from Fethiye. It is one of the oldest historical monuments in Turkey and contains the hallmarks of the ancient color civilization. In the vicinity of the ruins there is the valley of Sakelikant, which is the amazing groove which Surrounded by rocks 200 meters high and extends for about 2 km and is surrounded by water and waterfalls, you can rent plastic caps before entering the valley, accompanied by the sidewalk adjacent to the mountain all the way in your trip fun and make sure to put cameras and phones in plastic bags to prevent the wet and sliding, There are beautiful restaurants overlooking the swimming pools. Oludeniz Bay is one of the most popular places for hikers to jump from a height of 1500 meters on the beach of pure turquoise waters. The area includes the "Blue Lagoon" which has its own sand beaches and a number of kebab restaurants Turkish delicacies, as well as sailing boats and sun umbrellas


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